Token Management System for Orderly Customer movement for Banking, retail sector , Hospitals, Clinics, shops etc,.


1. Customer / Person takes token from wall mountable Token Dispenser.

2. S/He sits in waiting area after collecting token & watches Token Display for his/her token number to be displayed.

3. After token number is displayed with ding-dong sound, s/he approaches Counter.

4. Counter Staff attends to this person & presses CALL / NEXT key for calling next available token number in Queue.


Token Management System consists of  
i). wall mountable Auto Cut Token Dispenser
ii). Counter Calling Unit - 1no 
iii).Token Display Unit Qty-1 no (in parallel) with 7 m +3 m + 5 m interconnecting cables.

Token Management System


Transport & Delivery Charges Extra.

Loading, Unloading and Packing & Forwarding Charges Extra.


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