Technical data:

Motor power 24V DC    40W x 2
Current 2A
Rotational speed 1450 rpm
Rod's running speed 15cm/s
Max single-leaf length up to 4 m
Max single-leaf weight 500kg
Gate Materials

Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Vinyl, 

Chain Link, and more

Environment temperature -10~50℃
Protection class


Cycles per Hour Continuous Duty, approximately 75
Option for  photocell, wall switch, flash lamp


1.Open and Close the gate by remote control;
2.Auto closing when the gate is open, Time duration can be programmed from 0 to 99s;
3.Auto stop when the running gate meets with resistance;
4.The force of motor can be programmed;
5.It is selectable to control 1 leaf or 2 leaves;
6. It can be connected with 24V storage barrery.

Swing gate Motor 500kg 24V DC


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