Model Item Swing Barrier Mechanism
Mechanism Dimension  108*450mm
Arm Length(Optional) 500-900mm
Motor Material Steel and Aluminum Alloy
Driving Motor 24V Brush DC Motor
Swing Direction Single or Bidirectional Operation are Available
Input Interface Dry Contact and Switch Signal Connection
Time for Opening or Closing  1 second
Starting time after power on  3 seconds
Transit Speed 30~40 persons/min
Working Environment Indoor / Outdoor (Shelter)
Working Temperature —25°C~50°C
Relative Humidity  ≤90%, no condensation



Main Features
Swing Barrier

1) A compact electro-mechanical design with unique drive and a self-lock mechanism
2) Automatic detection for malfunctions
3) Input interface available for dry contact and switch signal connection
4) Adjustable auto-delay closing
5) Infrared photocells for safety access
6) Alarm for unauthorized access and no access againsl passenger How
7) Auto-closing when power on
8) Free access when power off
9) Adjustable access directions
10) Emergency interface available
11) Traffic lighl indicating passenger access

P Type Swing Barrier


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