Package Contents
Multi Counter Token Display - 1 No

Master Controller - 1 No

Auto Cutter Token Dispenser - 1 No

Token Counter - 4 No


Features :

  • Multi Counter Token Display
  1. 4 rows are available,
  2. In each row 5 dihit are available,
  3. 1 for Service Number, 3 for token number, &  1 for counter number,
  4. Voice indication also present.
  • Master Controller
  1. Keypad with 16 keys
  2. comes with 16X2LCD Display
  3. Manual editing of printer content services, Name, Message , date & Time
  4. printind daily report also
  • Auto Cutter Token Dispenser
  1. Printer having Key (According to service) for dispense token
  2. Reset of Token Printer automatically when day changes
  3. Manual Reset also Available.
  • Token Counter
  1. Two Switches are Available
  2. One for call and another one for Recall.

    Electronic Queue Management Systemfor orderly customer movement in business premises for * Railways / Airlines / Bus Coach Passenger Reservation * Clinic / Hospital / Dentist / Pharmacy / Doctor's cabins, OPD, Labs, Dept., etc. ) * Banks ( Teller, Drafts, Accounts, FD, Loan, etc. ). Insurance Companies * Post Offices ( Retail, Regn / Speed Post, Banking, etc. ) * Utility Companies ( Jal Board, Electricity Billing, Telephone, etc.) * Service providers ( Service Centres, Pension processing, Licensing, Visa Processing, Repairing Centres, Cafeteria, Trusts, NGOs, Canteens, etc.)Organisations such as Clinics, Hospitals, Banks, etc. offer multiple services to their patients / customers. Need is felt to offer choice of destination at the time of entry itself. Patients are asked to select their destination such as specific Doctor or OPD or Lab. Customers are asked whether they need to go to Teller or open an account or deal with FD/PPF. Such a scenerio unfolds the concept of multiple queues. Each service type or unique destination is handled by separate queue. All requests received for that destination are queued together and handled in First-In First-Out basis. 1. Patient approaches reception or issue desk for token for specific OPD or department. 2. These tokens can be issued for specific OPD. All tokens issued for a certain OPD are queued together. 3. S/He sits in waiting area after collecting token & watches Central LCD / LED Display for his/her token number to be displayed. 4. After token number is displayed, s/he notes OPD/dept number and approaches that OPD/dept for service. 5. Doctor/desk executive serves this patient & presses CALL / NEXT key for calling next electronic token in this OPD/Dept Queue. 6. Multiple Queue's are maintained for each OPD/dept separately & token numbers in a particular Queue are allocated in First-In First-Out manner.

Multi Counter Queue Management System


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