High speed roll up doors

The roll up door is a product that seeks to solve the problems of fast handling in divided environments. The roll up door is a safe product that eliminates problems in the interaction between man and machines.
High Speed ​​Doors carries out continuous research in different industrial environments, such as:
  • The car wash industry, where deafening noise and annoying water vapor must be contained in a well- defined space
  • The field of ‘clean rooms’, where the space must be totally aseptic (air 20-30,000 times cleaner than the external environment)
  • The food industry, where it’s to ensure continuous passage, hygiene and technical difficulties (such as surface condensation on the curtain in seasoning rooms)
  • The automotive industry, where you must ensure that a correct sequence of tasks by robots and men is repeatedly carried out.
  • The field of hospital hot rooms, where the speed and assurance of reliability is everything,
  • in areas which require the use of an overhead crane, Forklift , in this environment there can be problems with carrying large materials between two different areas ( external / internal) , and so closing the opening of the passage of the crane can be very important to protect from weather and atmosphere
  • Port / airport sectors, where large vehicles are closed and protected inside the hangar specific maintenance is carried out.
High Speed PVC Door For Industries and Factory
Fabric Fold up Hanger door
Internal and external door for large openings
self repairing high speed doors
Internal and external door for Automotive
Internal door for Food industry
Internal door for Clean Room
Internal door for   for Medical Industry
airport baggage carousels, conveyor openings, secured storage areas
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