Automatic Rolling Shutter

Galvanized Steel Shutter

Steel shutters are used to help prevent unauthorized access and vandalism to premises by adding an extra barrier between “outside” and whatever entrances they may be protecting. 
When open, the shutters provide an almost unobstructed aperture as the shutter and mechanism store above the doorway and out of the way. Furthermore, the doors are tough and have a long life with little maintenance required. They can be supplied up to 10000 mm wide

Aluminium Rolling Shutter

Our aluminium roller shutter doors are very popular amongst our customers and are normally used in commercial or residential situations due to their aesthetically pleasing nature. Strong, reliable, and delivering a lightweight protection solution, they are available to fit most apertures, and can be supplied in a finish to suit your needs.  
This product is available as a bespoke shutter to fit your building, or can be offered as a built in solution for new build properties. Typically supplied as a solid curtain, we can also offer the option of a punched or perforated shutter. 
Like most of our shutters, the aluminium shutters can be operated using a single or three-phase motor or can also be supplied in a manual option (depending on size and usage). Being of aluminium construction, these roller shutters are much lighter than their steel counterparts.

Transperant Rolling Shutter

Some environments call for shutters that combine a high level of security with transparency. Our transparent shutters are used in a wide range of situations including retail premises, banks, museums, exhibitions and galleries, where public access is unrestricted, and high value items must be protected,.
Made of horizontal strips of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate, these extremely robust shutters give crystal clear visibility when closed, providing transparency of 83%, and allowing through 92% of daylight. Because it isUV-stabilised, the shutter will not discolour or yellow, and will retain its exceptional clarity for many years.
Because they present a more aesthetically pleasing effect than a completely solid shutter, and because they allow through light to help light an area after dark, this type of solution is popular in town centre conservation areas.

Punched Rolling Shutter

We are able to provide you with a range of punched shutters and grilles so that you may protect your premises and still maintain a high level of visibility. Such a shutter, therefore, typically lends itself to the commercial industry where shop owner’s can close the building up securely and keep their merchandise on show at all times. 
Electrical operation by tubular motor makes the shutter easy to use and avoids any of the Health and Safety issues that are often linked to using manually operated shutters. 
There are two styles for the lath to be punched – “brickbond” or “in-line”. 
  • Brickbond – as the name suggests, the holes are punched in a way that resembles brickwork.
  • “In-line” is where the holes are punched in line.

Fire Rates Security Shutters

E - Catalogue

Fire shutters and smoke curtains are usually used as part of an overall fire strategy in a building used in conjunction with other systems for controlling fire such as sprinklers and smoke extraction systems. All fire protection systems react to fire, heat and smoke in different ways in order to keep the building safe for occupants and emergency services in case of a fire. The role of the Fire shutter or smoke curtain is to compartmentalize a building in order to help prevent the fire from spreading so rapidly allowing anybody inside to evacuate as safely as possible.  
We have supplied these doors to a diverse range of customers including shopping centres, hospitals, school canteens, restaurants – as well as numerous clients in the industrial sector.
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