Automatic Awning

1. Conservatory awning
Extended use season sun room, increase the use of housing space, reasonable to adjust the indoor temperature.
2. Folding awning
Extension of outdoor recreation space, enjoy the outdoor life, increased commercial business area.
3. Window Awning
To reduce the indoor temperature to enhance the housing facades landscape, there are a variety of styles to choose

Automatic Curtain

Automatic electric curtains, rails and tracks for domestic and commercial applications facilitate the opening and closing of curtains, particularly helpful for people with disabilities and the elderly.
They are also useful in commercial applications such as hotels and restaurants. Electric curtain systems can be remote controlled and are available in a variety of sizes and differing track and rail options to meet your specific environment.
Sun blind Curtain
Automatic stage curtain
Motorized Curtain
Curtain blinds
Automatic Curtain
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